Search Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now change the placement of search conditions using the keyboard directional arrows. Using the keyboard can be a quicker and more efficient alternative to the mouse for changing the location of search conditions.
  1. Open the search editor and begin a search.
    For more information on configuring AutoFocus searches, refer to Work with the Search Editor.
  2. Add search conditions, child queries, and parent queries.
  3. Adjust search condition placement using the keyboard.
    Place the cursor over the left edge of a condition to display a directional icon. Click on the icon next to the condition or condition group you want to move and then use the keyboard arrows to change the placement. You can exit the keyboard movement mode by pressing the escape key or by clicking the selected condition.
    Select and move a search condition up or down to position it. Depending on the placement of a search condition, you can use the keyboard to:
    • Include it in a child or parent query.
    • Remove it from a child or parent query.
    • Create a parent or child query by pressing the right arrow key.
    Refer to the AutoFocus Search for more information on using AutoFocus searches.

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