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Quick Search

Previously, the only way to start an AutoFocus search was to navigate to the search editor. With quick search, you can start searching for an artifact from any page on the AutoFocus portal. Quick search also lets you narrow down the scope of the search for the artifact.
  1. Click the spyglass icon in the support account area of the portal.
    You can also press Alt+s to open quick search. To close quick search, click the x on the top right corner of the search box or click anywhere on the dimmed area of the interface.
  2. Enter an artifact to search.
    When an artifact is incomplete, quick search suggests a list of artifact types that it recognizes.
  3. Select the scope of the search based on the artifact type.
    For example, the string
    can be a
    , a
    , or a
    . To search for the file, select an area to search under the artifact type
  4. View the search results.
  5. Next steps:

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