Sample Behavior Evidence

AutoFocus™ provides a summary of the behaviors samples displayed in the WildFire® analysis environment. Now, for each observed behavior, you can see the specific sample activities that are evidence of that behavior.
  1. Perform an AutoFocus search and view the samples matched to the search.
  2. Select a sample hash to view sample details.
  3. Select
    Observed Behavior
  4. Check the new
    column for the total number of sample activities that substantiate each observed behavior, and expand a single behavior for the list of matching activities.
    For each activity listed, the Type column indicates the activity category and the Value column includes activity artifacts. The artifacts displayed might vary depending on the activity category. In the example below, the File Activity artifacts provided include the parent process that showed activity, the action the process performed, and the file that was altered.
  5. (
    ) Add the activity artifacts to an existing search or a new search.
    AutoFocus supports Multiple Active Searches. Adding the artifacts to a new search does not clear the existing search; instead, the new search is opened in a new browser tab.

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