Find Tags by Match Criteria

  1. Select
    on the navigation pane to view the complete list of AutoFocus tags.
  2. Click the filter icon and add a tag filter.
  3. Select the artifact type
    Match Criteria
    and set up a search condition:
    AutoFocus looks for samples with tag definitions that match the search condition:
  4. View the
    Tag Detail
    of the resulting tags to verify that AutoFocus applied the filter.
    For example, when you filter for any tag that
    Match Criteria
    sample.exe, the results include the Unit 42 tag Blackpos because its definition has instances of sample.exe.
  5. Next step:
    Learn about other ways to find and filter AutoFocus tags, including finding tags with the most hits, the top tags detected during a selected date range, and the top tags matching to search.

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