New AutoFocus Upload Sources

Cortex XDR – Analytics (formerly Magnifier) and Traps for Android can now forward suspicious samples to WildFire for analysis. You can search for samples that have been forwarded from these sources, as well as view the WildFire analysis details and the related sessions from AutoFocus.
  1. Configure your search to find samples that were sent to WildFire from
    Traps Android
    Cortex XDR – Analytics
    . For example,
    Upload Source > is > Traps Android | Cortex XDR – Analytics
    , and then click
    Toggle between My Samples, Public Samples, and All Samples to change the scope of the search results. Selecting My Samples will limit the results to samples detected by Traps and Magnifier instances associated with your support account.
  2. Click on a sample hash to view the sample details. For more information about reviewing and understanding your search results, see Drill Down in Search Results.
  3. Next steps:

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