Scheduled Reporting

You can now configure AutoFocus to automatically generate and send reports to a series of recipients via email. You can specify the date and interval at which the reports are sent, as well as the specific coverage timespan of the report. This eliminates the need for you to manually generate and send the reports to relevant people in your organization.
  1. Click
    on the navigation pane.
  2. On the report you want to create an schedule for, click
    Email Scheduler
    The number of email schedules that are configured for a given report is shown in the
    Email Scheduler
  3. Add
    an email schedule profile.
  4. Configure your email schedule. You can define the recipient email address, the
    of the reports, the
    when it is sent, and the
    (length of time the report covers). On the bottom-left, you will see the date when the next report is to be sent. Click
    to continue
  5. From the email schedule profile window, create additional email schedules as well as manage existing ones. You can also send a test email to verify the report and configuration is acceptable for your organization. Click
    when you have finished creating and updating email schedules. Select
    if you want to configure additional recipients for emailed reports.

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