New Features: May 2019

The following topics provide a snapshot of the AutoFocus™ features introduced in May 2019. Each section includes context for the new feature, with steps to get started.
May AutoFocus Features
About Each Feature
Support for DNS Security
AutoFocus™ now supports domains analyzed by the DNS Security service. DNS Security is a continuously evolving threat prevention service designed to protect and defend your network from advanced threats using DNS. By leveraging advanced machine learning and predictive analytics, the service provides real-time DNS request analysis and rapidly produces and distributes DNS signatures that are specifically designed to defend against malware using DNS for C2 and data theft. For more information, see DNS Security.
AutoFocus samples that have been determined to launch a request to connect to a domain analyzed by DNS Security are shown in the sample
tab, under the
Domain Signatures
You can also perform an AutoFocus Search of suspicious DNS domains to view all detected instances of the artifact. You can use this information to help assess whether a domain is associated with suspicious behavior.

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