New Features: November 2018

The following topics provide a snapshot of the AutoFocus™ features introduced in November 2018. Each section includes context for the new feature, with steps to get started.
November AutoFocus Features
About Each Feature
Dynamically Filter your Dashboard and Reports
The AutoFocus dashboard and reports can now be dynamically filtered based on any widget artifact data point. This allows you to quickly customize your dashboard and reports based on the visualized data points populated within a widget.
Currently, the following widgets support dynamic filtering: Custom Aggregation, Top Firewalls, Top Malware, Top Applications, Bottom Applications, Upload Sources, Top Filetypes, Bottom Filetypes, Target Industries, Top Tags, Flexible Map, Sample Verdicts, and Download Sessions.
  • Add Filter
    : Shift-click on a widget data point to add a filter based on that artifact. Filters are highlighted in orange and also appear to the right of the quick-filters at the top of the page.
  • Remove Filter
    : Shift-click on a previously highlighted filter or, alternatively, click x from the filter list at the top of the page.
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Support for Script Sample Analysis
The WildFire® cloud now analyzes script samples (.js, .vbs, .ps1, and .sh) using static and dynamic analysis. This helps protect users against script-based malware, which has become a common vector of attack. In AutoFocus™, you can now search for script samples and view related sessions, statistics, and WildFire analysis report information.
  1. Start an AutoFocus search based on
    File Type
  2. Select one of the following to find samples of a given file type:
    • PowerShell
    • VBScript
    • Shell Script
    • JScript
  3. View the search results. When you view the sample details for a script file, you can examine the specific behavioral characteristics and properties that were observed during sample analysis.
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