Customizable Dashboard

You can now customize the AutoFocus dashboard to display the types of information that are relevant to your organization. Add widgets or remove them based on your preferences. You can also now choose the order in which they appear on the dashboard. For example, to prioritize the most recent alerts triggered by samples on your network, add the Alerts Log widget to the top of your organization’s dashboard.
You can customize your organization, industry, and global dashboards. Dashboard settings are unique and saved for each user in a support account.
  1. To start customizing the dashboard layout and contents, click the Page Editor (1).
  2. Remove (2) or add a widget (3) based on your preferences. For more information on the different dashboard widgets, review the overview of the AutoFocus portal.
    Add the new widget for the artifact Upload Source for a graphical overview of the top sources that requested a WildFire® verdict for a sample or submitted a sample to WildFire.
  3. Add (4) or remove a new row of widgets (5), and choose the number of widgets that appear in a row (6).
  4. When you are finished making your dashboard changes, click the Page Editor. To restore the dashboard settings, click the Page Editor drop-down and
    Reset Page to Default
  5. View more details on how to customize the AutoFocus dashboard.

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