New Widgets to Visualize Sample Verdicts and Sources

AutoFocus™ is introducing two new dashboard widgets to help users visualize the verdict makeup based on their entire sample database or by specific sample sources, such as a firewall, Traps, Proofpoint, or manual uploads. You can add these new widgets to AutoFocus by customizing your dashboard.
  1. To begin customizing your AutoFocus dashboard layout and contents, go to the Dashboard and click the Page Editor ( ).
  2. Add Row
    Add Widget
    based on your dashboard layout preferences. Add the new widgets labeled
    Device Verdicts Grid
    Sample Verdicts
    to you dashboard.
  3. When you are finished making your dashboard changes, click the Page Editor ( ). If you would like to restore the dashboard settings, click the Page Editor drop-down and
    Reset Page to Default
  4. The new dashboard widgets show the following information:
    1. Device Verdict Grid
      —Provides a table showing a list of sample sources with basic identification along with corresponding sample data. The sample data includes the total number of samples sent from the device and the verdict makeup. The
      column indicates samples that have not been analyzed.
    2. Sample Verdicts
      —Provides a color-coded pie chart showing the sample verdict makeup based on the specified date range. Hovering your mouse cursor over any of the color-coded sections displays the number of a sample verdicts and a percentage based on the total number of samples.
  5. Next Steps: Learn more about how to customize the AutoFocus dashboard.

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