New Features: October 2018

The following topics provide a snapshot of the AutoFocus™ features introduced in October 2018. Each section includes context for the new feature, with steps to get started
October AutoFocus Features
About Each Feature
Recent Research Widget Improvements
The AutoFocus
Recent Research
widget now allows you to add tags from a blog entry to a search query with a single click.
  1. Click ( tag-search-icon.png ) to add tags referenced in a blog entry to a search query, as necessary.
  2. The tag(s) are automatically added to the search query. Run the search query or add additional conditions.
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Save Searches from the Dashboard and Reports
You can now save your quickfilter settings and apply them to any of your AutoFocus Dashboard and Reports. Quickfilter settings include Verdict, First Seen, and Source.
  1. Open the
    or select a
  2. Configure your quickfilter settings as necessary.
  3. Open
    Saved Search
    and click
    Save Current Search
  4. Provide the
    for the new saved search profile and then click
    Save Search
    The conditions of the saved search are shown at the bottom of the Save Search window.
  5. From the dashboard or after opening a report, select a
    Saved Search
    profile to filter the widget contents based on the saved search conditions.
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Editable Report Description
You can now update your AutoFocus report description after it has already been defined during the report creation process. This allows you to change your report description to reflect updates made to the report configuration.
  1. Open the
  2. Click on the report description to edit the text.
    You can only edit the description for user-defined reports.
  3. Update your report description and press enter to save the change. You can exit without saving changes by pressing Esc or clicking on a different element of the AutoFocus interface.
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Device Serial Search Improvements
AutoFocus now pre-populates a list of firewalls when you search based on
Device Serial
numbers. This allows you to select a firewall from a preloaded list of serial numbers or, alternatively, auto-completes based on a partial match.
  1. Run an advanced AutoFocus search using the
    Device Serial
  2. When using search operators that require a value, you can:
    • Enter an incomplete firewall serial number value to retrieve a list of partial matches.
    • Select from a list of firewall serial numbers.
      If you have more than 1,000 devices attached to your account, AutoFocus does not pre-populate device list searches; as a result, you cannot select from a preloaded list or retrieve a list of partial matches. Instead, search results are returned based on the selected operator and serial number input.
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