ADEM Monitoring and Tests for Mobile Users

For Mobile Users, ADEM is supported for GlobalProtect deployments whether VPN is connected to or disconnected from Prisma Access.
  • Endpoint monitoring
    —As soon as an app test is assigned to a user, the ADEM service begins gathering health telemetry about the device and the WiFi connectivity to help determine whether the device or the WiFi is the cause of any performance issues. Information collected includes:
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory utilization
    • Disk usage
    • Disk queue length
    • Battery level
    • WiFi information (SSID, RX and TX utilization, BSSID, and Channel)
  • Real user traffic visibility
    —ADEM continuously provides visibility into real traffic usage between your users and the applications they are accessing, including traffic to SaaS applications, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) applications, or other internet-based applications, as well as traffic to applications in your own data center.
  • Synthetic Monitoring
    —The DEM-enabled GlobalProtect apps and the cloud ADEM agents within Prisma Access use synthetic tests to baseline end-to-end network quality metrics—latency, jitter, and loss—for each segment from the end user to the monitored applications. In addition, the ADEM agents and probes also use synthetic tests to collect web performance metrics, which capture metrics about the HTTP/HTTPS transactions to a specific application, including application availability and uptime, HTTP latency, DNS lookup, SSL connect, time-to-first-byte, and data transfer rate.
    Because the synthetic tests are layered, they give a good baseline view of the digital experience segment-by-segment across all monitored applications, and allow you to quickly visualize when and where a change occurred that led to degradation of your users’ digital experience.

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