ADEM Monitoring and Tests for Remote Sites

For Remote Sites, ADEM supports monitoring via three paths - the Prisma Access path, the Secure Fabric path and the direct path.
  • Prisma SD-WAN device monitoring
    —the ADEM agent on the ION device monitors the following:
    • CPU utilization
    • Memory utilization
    • Historical trends
  • Remote site traffic visibility
    —ADEM continuously provides visibility into real traffic usage between Prisma SD-WAN remote sites and the applications, for traffic traversing through Prisma Access, including traffic to SaaS applications, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) applications, as well as traffic to applications in your own data center.
  • Synthetic Monitoring
    —The ADEM-enabled SD-WAN site and the cloud agents within Prisma Access use synthetic tests to baseline end-to-end network quality metrics—latency, jitter, and loss—for each segment from the remote site to the monitored applications on all WAN paths (active and backup). In addition, ADEM-enabled SD-WAN site and the cloud agents within Prisma Access also use synthetic tests to collect web performance metrics, which capture metrics about the HTTP and HTTPS transactions to a specific application, including application availability and uptime, DNS lookup, TCP Connect, SSL connect, HTTP latency, Time-to-First-Byte, Data Transfer rate and Time-to-Last-Byte.
    Because the synthetic tests are layered, they give a good baseline view of the digital experience segment-by-segment across all monitored applications, and allow you to quickly visualize when and where a change occurred that led to degradation of your users’ digital experience.
    An ADEM enabled SD-WAN site can monitor all WAN paths (active and backup) based on forwarding policies configured on the SD-WAN. It can monitor Prisma Access path, Secure Fabric path as well as Direct access path.
The three paths shown in the above image are described in detail below:
  • Prisma Access Path
    This path is used for applications that are configured to use Prisma Access for security.
  • Secure Fabric (Prisma SD-WAN) Path
    When using this path, ADEM can monitor applications hosted on SaaS, IaaS, or private applications hosted in a data center via the Secure Fabric tunnel between the Prisma SD-WAN remote site device and Prisma SD-WAN data center device.
  • Direct Access Path
    When using this path, ADEM monitors SaaS applications directly from the Prisma SD-WAN remote site over the internet. This test does not go through the Prisma Access or the Secure Fabric path.

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