: Zoom Performance Analysis for an Application

Zoom Performance Analysis for an Application

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Zoom Performance Analysis for an Application

Zoom Performance Analysis
button is displayed only if you have purchased the QSS add on from Zoom and enabled it on ADEM. When you open the
Application Details
page by selecting the Zoom application in the
dashboard, the
Zoom Performance Analysis
is selected by default. The data shown here pertains to the Zoom app across the entire organization and aggregates call performance and root cause data across all users in the organization.

Zoom User Experience Summary

This widget displays the aggregate Zoom app experience for all users across the organization. It gives you a bird's eye view of the total number of Zoom meetings attended by all users in the organization during the
Time Range
and the sum of all the meetings' duration in minutes along with the percentage of meetings/minutes that did not have any issues. It tells you what percentage of users who used Zoom were also registered with ADEM.

Zoom Poor Performance Root Causes

This widget breaks down and categorizes the root cause of poor performance. The reason for poor call performance can lie in any segment such as the user's device, the local network the device is connected to, internet performance, or the WiFi. Here, you can see every minute of poor call performance graphed by the most likely root-cause and broken down by service delivery segment. Hover over a root cause in any segment as shown below to see more details about it.

Users Experiencing Impacted Meetings

View a list of all the users who were impacted by any Zoom meeting that they attended throughout the organization. Click a
User Name
to go to the user's
User Details
page. You can filter the data in this table by selecting a filter from . You can filter for the users who have the most minutes impacted by a particular root cause by selecting
Root Causes
from the filter.

Global Distribution of Impacted Users

The map in this widget shows you how many Zoom users are connected in each Prisma Access Location. The circle representing each location is color coded to give you an overview of the average of all users' experience in that Location. The map makes it quick to identify regional issues like ISP outages. Hover over a circle to see the number of Mobile Users connected in the geographic location separated by their experience scores. Clicking on the number of users takes you to the
Monitored Mobile Users
page where the
Monitored Mobile User Devices
table displays the details for each user in that location.

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