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Applications - Applications Tab

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Applications - Applications Tab

This tab gives you an overview of all the applications that are in use throughout your organization.

Traffic Distribution by Application

Get an understanding of the application traffic usage based on real user or remote site traffic going through Prisma Access (split tunnel traffic for mobile users and traffic sent over secure fabric, direct access from remote sites are not included in total bandwidth usage count).
View the bandwidth usage for all applications used in your organization along with the percentage of the total bandwidth used by the most used applications. The ring is color coded to represent data for some of the most used applications in your organization. The number in the center indicates the aggregate amount of application traffic (for all applications used in your organization) that has passed through Prisma Access during the selected
Time Range

Bandwidth Utilization

View the trend of the bandwidth utilization for all applications being monitored within your organization during the selected
Time Range

Total Applications

This widget shows you the total applications, both monitored and unmonitored applications, that are running across your organization. The gray dots next to the experience scores indicate that no app tests have been set up for the application.
An application on which you are running synthetic tests will show the experience score for it. You can immediately see which applications are experiencing performance issues for users or remote sites from the color of the experience score for the app.
You can
Add New App Test
to set up synthetic tests for an application. Refer to Set up an Autonomous DEM Application Test for instructions on how to create an app test.
Column Name
Application Name
App-ID of the application. ADEM analyzes the real user traffic passing through Prisma Access and uses the AppID of an application to identify the application in use.
Mobile User Experience Score
The average score of all the experience scores for all mobile users using the application.
Remote Site Experience Score
The average score of all the experience scores for all remote sites using the application.
Aggregate data usage by the application. A high usage number is an indication that a lot of users are using the application, hence it would be good to monitor the application with app tests for the it.
Click on an
Application Name
to open the application details page which gives you more granular information about the application, such as its individual experience score, number of users or remote sites, and the performance trend.

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