: Monitored Mobile Users - Self-Serve

Monitored Mobile Users - Self-Serve

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Monitored Mobile Users - Self-Serve

The Self-Serve feature allows Mobile Users to get alerted of performance and experience issues that are identified in their environment. Based on the recommendations in the notification that they receive on their desktop, users can resolve the problem within their purview before contacting their IT administrator. Self-Serve helps reduce the number of IT tickets that users need to open.
The GlobalProtect client must be at version 5.2.11 and above.


Be sure to
any configuration changes you make in this tab in order to persist your changes.
Administrators can enable or disable the Self-Serve feature by using the slider in this widget. Self-Serve is disabled by default.

Select Self-Serve Notification Types

This widget lets administrators set the thresholds for receiving notifications in the event of degradation in the CPU and memory usage, and/or WiFi quality. When the user’s device crosses the threshold set here, the device receives a notification with suggestions to remediate the issue.

Select Mobile Users or Groups

Select Mobile Users and Groups for whom you want to enable the notifications.

Conditions Detected Over Time

View the total number of notifications that were sent during the selected
Time Range
. This widget also shows you the number of devices that received notifications.

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