Manage Autonomous DEM Agent or Remote Site Upgrades

Decide whether to manually upgrade your Autonomous DEM agents or SD-WAN remote sites, or upgrade them automatically.
Although the Autonomous DEM agent is integrated with the GlobalProtect app and Prisma SD-WAN devices in remote sites, it has separate updates from GlobalProtect or Prisma SD-WAN to ensure that the agent can detect the most up-to-date digital experience metrics. You can decide whether you want to upgrade the Autonomous DEM agent or remote site manually, or set it up to upgrade automatically whenever there is a new agent version. To manage upgrades:
  1. Go to the Agent Management Settings.
    • For Mobile Users, select
      Autonomous DEM
      Endpoint Agent Management
    • For Remote Sites, select
      Autonomous DEM
      Remote Sites Agent Management
  2. Select how you want to upgrade the agent in
    Upgrade Options
    • Upgrade
      —Displays the current version and the new version available for upgrade and allows you to manually
      Start Upgrade
      for all online endpoint or Remote Site agents. After you upgrade the agents or remote sites, the button will gray out and remain grayed out until a new agent or remote site version is available (though agents will continue to be upgraded as they come online). With this option, you will need to repeat this upgrade process each time you want a new version that is available.
    • Auto Upgrade
      —Select this option to automatically upgrade the Autonomous DEM agent whenever a new version is available. If you enable this option, the option to manually upgrade the agents is no longer available. However, you can disable Auto Upgrade at any time and go back to upgrading the agents manually.
    After you select an upgrade option, the Autonomous DEM service will immediately upgrade all online agents, and initiate the upgrade for the remaining agents or sites when they next come online. End users will be notified when the ADEM agent is upgraded.

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