Applications Dashboard

ADEM also lets you quickly troubleshoot scenarios where your users are reporting issues with specific applications. Use
Autonomous DEM
to quickly isolate and identify application-specific performance issues.
This dashboard provides visibility of all applications and their usage across your organization. The application usage data is pulled from the real user traffic traversing through Prisma Access. It includes traffic from Mobile Users and Remote Sites. You can filter the data to show real user traffic for only Mobile Users or only Remote Sites.
For the applications for which you are running app tests, you can see the Experience Score for Mobile Users and Remote Sites of each individual application, as well as the number of users and remote sites that are impacted by each application.
Drill down into an application by clicking on the
Application Name
to see detailed information about the application your users are complaining about.
Here you can see how many users and remote sites are monitored for the application, and view the performance trend to see when the experience started to decline.
For impacted users and sites, you can also see which segment of the network is causing the issue, whether it is the users’ local WiFi network, the ISP or WAN, or the application itself in the case of Mobile Users. In the case of Remote Sites, you see which segment starting from the remote site or ISP or WAN is impacted or if last mile (the application itself) has issues.

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