Summary Dashboard

From the
Autonomous DEM
, you can quickly assess whether there are any system-wide or network-wide issues you should be looking into.
If you are a SASE customer and have purchased both
Mobile Users
Remote Networks
ADEM licenses and have created application monitoring tests for both, you see an integrated view on the
page. You see a
Mobile User Experience
card and a
Remote Site Experience
card. If you click on the
Mobile User Experience
card, the data displayed in the widgets underneath will be data associated with Mobile Users only. Likewise, clicking on the
Remote Site Experience
will display data specific to the Remote Site only in the widgets below.
If you have purchased a license for only one of the two, Mobile Users or Remote Sites, then you will see only the card for which you have the license. You will see the experience and the associated data only for the type of deployment for which you have the license.
Mobile User Experience Card Selected
Remote Sites Experience Card Selected
The first thing to look at is the Experience Score, which is a weighted average of end-to-end application performance metrics for all monitored applications across all users or remote sites. A fair or poor experience score lets you know right away that there are performance issues impacting a large number of your users or remote sites. However, because the experience score is weighted, it may not uncover performance issues in monitored apps or locations that have a smaller number of users.
Experience Score for Top Monitored Mobile User Devices
displays a separate card for each of the User/Device combination along with the device and hostname details.
Get a sense of the distribution of app performance across all monitored apps, users, and remote sites and drill-down into any apps that are performing poorly to begin to pinpoint where the issue is.
View the network-wide score trend, and pinpoint when the digital experience began to degrade.
Identify what segment of the network might be causing issues within your organization from the endpoints (for Mobile Users) or branch (for Remote Sites) all the way to the applications.
See which area of the network might be causing experience issues for your users or sites and quickly see if there are system-wide or network-wide issues you should be looking into.
The map view shows you the experience of Prisma Access Locations based on the total number of Mobile Users and applications monitored or the total number of Remote Sites and application monitored on specific Prisma Access Location.

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