Get Started with Autonomous DEM For Mobile Users

Autonomous DEM is supported on GlobalProtect app version 5.2.11 or later running on Windows or MacOS endpoints only. The following operating system versions are supported:
Operating System
Supported Versions
10.15 and newer
Windows 10, Build 1809 and newer
To enable Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) for your Prisma Access mobile users, you must already have a Prisma Access for Users license.You can then apply your ADEM license to your Windows and MacOS users to enable them to run synthetic tests that continuously monitor your users’ digital experience on those apps.
  • You must be using Cloud Managed Prisma Access or the 2.0 or above Innovation Release of Panorama Managed Prisma Access with an active Prisma Access for Users license.
  • Purchase Autonomous DEM license for your mobile users.
    If you purchased an Autonomous DEM license with a new Prisma Access subscription, you will activate ADEM during the Prisma Access activation process. If you purchased an add-on Autonomous DEM license for an existing Prisma Access subscription, activation will happen automatically.
    With an active ADEM license, you can configure up to 10 synthetic tests per user.
  • Verify that the users for which you want to enable ADEM are running a compatible version of the GlobalProtect app.
    ADEM requires GlobalProtect app version 5.2.11 or later and is only supported on Windows and MacOS endpoints.
  • The pre-logon connect method is not supported in ADEM. The user ID which was used to authenticate prior to pre-logon will be shown on the Monitored Mobile Users page. However, once you are in the pre-logon mode, your application performance data will not be displayed in any charts that show ADEM monitoring. ADEM monitoring will be disabled, hence that will reflect on the user monitoring charts. The Monitored Mobile User Devices table on the Monitored Mobile Users page will only display the ID of the user that was used to authenticate prior to the prelogon mode.
  • Enable ADEM in the GlobalProtect app.
    The steps you use to enable ADEM depends on whether you are using Panorama Managed Autonomous DEM or Cloud Managed Autonomous DEM.
  • Configure security policy to allow your ADEM-enabled GlobalProtect users to connect to the ADEM service and run synthetic tests.
    Required security policy includes allowing access to HTTPS, TCP, and ICMP. Optionally you may also need to allow access to HTTP, depending on how you plan to configure your app tests.
  • Use the Autonomous DEM Summary and Applications dashboards within the Prisma Access Cloud Management console to get a sense of the baseline digital experience score for your SASE environment as a whole, and for each individual application.
    Even before you begin configuring app tests to monitor specific applications, you can use the Applications dashboard to get an overall view of the applications in use across your network and use this information to decide which applications you want to monitor.
  • Add app tests for the users and applications you want to monitor.
  • Use the ADEM dashboards to monitor the digital experience of users and applications across your SASE environment and use the information to troubleshoot issues as they arise.

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