The Five-Step Methodology

Implement Zero Trust strategy with a five-step methodology that takes you from identifying critical elements to protect to architecture to maintenance.
The five-step methodology for implementing a Zero Trust strategy presents a logical, clear path to protecting your environment, data, applications, assets, services, and users. The way you apply the methodology depends on what you’re protecting and your business requirements—what’s critical to your business—but the outcomes you’re working toward are the same:
  • Segment the network effectively and efficiently to prevent lateral movement.
  • Protect business-critical data and systems from unauthorized applications and users.
  • Protect business-critical applications from unauthorized access and usage.
  • Enforce policy seamlessly across network, cloud, and endpoints to simplify management and apply consistent policy everywhere.
The five-step methodology works whether you’re implementing a Zero Trust strategy in the cloud, on a private network, or on endpoints, regardless of infrastructure.

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