Manage Your Template and Template Stack Configuration on Panorama

Best practices for managing the network configuration of your managed firewalls using templates and template stacks from the Panorama™ management server.
Use Templates and template stacks to reuse your network and firewall configuration objects across your managed firewalls for common settings such as logging and high availability (HA) while still allowing you to configure modular templates that can be combined as needed for multiple managed firewalls in different template stacks.
  • Go modular by creating templates with logical groupings of settings even if the configuration is incomplete. Remember, the configuration must be complete and all references resolved at the template stack level—not at every template. You can reuse, reference, and override objects from different templates to complete the template stack configuration.
  • Create model-specific templates (for example, network interface configuration) and use case specific templates (for example, admins, role-based access control sets). This enables you to mix and match the right templates when you add them to a template stack.
  • Configure the template stack with network configurations you want to override in a template or locally on the managed firewall.

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