Manage the Template and Template Stack Variables on Panorama

Best practices for managing template and template stack variables from the Panorama™ management server.
Create Template and template stack variables to maximize configuration sharing and reuse of network and device configuration objects across your managed firewalls.
  • Use template and template stack variables where appropriate to help manage your managed firewall configuration with fewer templates and streamline your configuration.
    For example, IP addresses typically differ across firewalls. Using template variables, you can create the configuration you need by specifying a variable instead of an IP address. When the configuration is pushed to your managed firewalls, Panorama can populate the correct IP address per firewall based on the value configured per managed firewall.
  • Create variables with the default value of
    to ensure the incorrect configuration is not accidentally pushed to the managed firewall.
    A notable exception to this is a DNS IP address. In a worst case scenario, the managed firewall should still able to resolve DNS queries.

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