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Prevention Architecture Methodology

Documents, checklists, videos, webinars, best practice assessment tools, and more to help you learn about and apply security best practices.

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Best Practices Assessment (BPA)

Decryption Best Practices

Shine a light on the darkness of encrypted traffic so you can reveal what’s really coming into and leaving your network and inspect that traffic for threats.

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Data Center Best Practices

Best Practices for Securing Administrative Access

Learn the best practices for securing administrative access to your firewalls to prevent successful cyberattacks through an exposed management interface.

Internet Gateway Best Practices


Best Practice Assessment Plus (BPA+) Tool Demo

View the BPA+ demo, which shows you how to check your PAN-OS best practice configuration and update it if necessary.

BPA+ YouTube Channel

Click "View BPA+ Playlist" to access all of the BPA+ videos, including best practice network security checks and a demo.

Decrypt Your Network Traffic

Decrypt traffic so that you can inspect it and protect your network from malicious traffic.

Introduction to the Best Practice Assessment Plus (BPA+) Tool

Learn about how to check and improve your best practice network security posture using the BPA+.

What Is Zero Trust?

John Kindervag talks about what Zero Trust means.