Evaluate Best Practice Configuration

Measure your configuration against Security best practices using the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool.
The Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool helps you understand the current level of best practice configuration in your Security policy so you can assess the maturity of your security posture. Watch the Introduction to the BPA video to learn about the BPA, and take advantage of the BPA video library to learn even more about the tool.
When you first open the BPA report, it opens in the Heatmap section. Click
Go to Best Practice Assessment
to go to the BPA section of the report, which focuses on the adoption of configuration best practices for next-generation firewalls and Panorama.
In addition to this documentation, you can view the BPA demo and a short video about how to run a BPA to learn more about using the BPA.
A BPA report evaluates a next-generation firewall or Panorama configuration file against more than 200 best practice checks. The BPA groups the results of the evaluation by policies, objects, network, and device/Panorama information, similar to the PAN-OS user interface. Review and analyze the information to find areas to focus on and improve:

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