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Zero Trust Best Practices

Trust is a vulnerability that attackers exploit. Eliminate trust from your enterprise with Zero Trust!
Palo Alto Networks provides guidance for your Zero Trust journey at multiple levels so that you can explore Zero Trust, learn about Zero Trust best practices, and implement the architecture.
Learn the basics about Palo Alto Networks’ Zero Trust Enterprise solution on the Palo Alto Networks website.
If you’re already familiar with Zero Trust and want to learn more, this document describes what a Zero Trust approach is, how to implement it consistently everywhere in your enterprise using the Palo Alto Networks Zero Trust Framework, and the five steps to approaching Zero Trust. It also provides references to appropriate Palo Alto Networks resources for each step.
For even more detail, see the , which goes into the most depth and detail on how to design, create, and implement a Zero Trust architecture.
The five-step approach guides you through best practices for identifying and prioritizing assets to protect, mapping and verifying transactions, designing your Zero Trust architecture, implementing the design, and maintaining the deployment.
This document also shows you how to secure users, applications, and infrastructure for each use case, such as cloud, mobile users, IoT, headquarters, etc. Each section includes links to detailed Palo Alto Networks information about feature and device configuration (physical and virtual) and security capabilities so that you can prevent data breaches and stop malicious actors using Zero Trust best practices.

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