New Features Introduced in June 2021

The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for the Cloud Identity Engine app in June 2021. Refer to the Cloud Identity Engine documentation for more information on how to use the Cloud Identity Engine.
The Directory Sync service has been rebranded to integrate with the Cloud Identity Engine. All existing Directory Sync features and functionalities are supported as part of the Cloud Identity Engine.
Sync Directory Changes for Active Directory and Azure Active Directory
You can now synchronize only the recent changes to your on-premise Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Syncing the changes takes much less time than syncing the entire directory. By default, the Cloud Identity Engine syncs changes every five minutes for these directory types. For more information, refer to Synchronize Cloud Identity Engine Instances.
Support for Identity Providers as a Single Source of User Authentication
The Cloud Identity Engine now supports the following identity providers (IdPs) for user authentication:
The Cloud Identity Engine provides support for other SAML 2.0-compliant IdPs in addition to these and supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Azure and Ping.
Integration with PAN-OS and Panorama
You can now integrate the Cloud Identity Engine with your Palo Alto Networks firewall or Panorama for a comprehensive identity solution. By configuring an Authentication profile on the firewall to use the Cloud Identity Engine for user authentication and the Cloud Identity Engine as an identity source, you can now both identify and authenticate your users.
Support for Germany (DE) Region
The Cloud Identity Engine now supports instances in the Germany (DE) region for customers who must store the data synced from their directories in this region to comply with data regulation requirements. For more information on how to configure this region, refer to Configure the Cloud Identity Agent in the Getting Started guide.

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