Dashboard: Network Usage

Strata Cloud Manager

Dashboard: Network Usage

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Dashboard: Network Usage

Network Usage
dashboard shows what’s driving your network traffic.
Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
    This dashboard is supported for AIOps for NGFW and Prisma Access
  • Minimum requirement:
    • AIOps for NGFW Free
      AIOps for NGFW Premium
    • Cortex Data Lake
    • A role that has permission to view the dashboard
  • License to view data from supported product in the dashboard:
    Prisma Access
  • Click
    More Dashboards
    Network Usage
    to get started.

What does this dashboard show you?

The dashboard shows aggregated data per Cortex Data Lake tenant.
Network Usage
dashboard shows what’s driving your network traffic. Dive in to see who or what is using your network (users, apps, IP addresses, and countries), and the apps and sites they’re accessing and their threat exposure.
This dashboard supports reports. These icons, in the top right of a dashboard indicate that reports are supported for this dashboard. You can share, download, and schedule reports that cover the data this dashboard displays.

How can you use the data from the dashboard?

This dashboard:
  • helps you understand the traffic traversing your network, including source to destination flows, and all the users and IP addresses generating traffic. This data helps to decide if you need to refine traffic attributes (source and destination security zone, the source and destination IP address, the application, and the user) in your security rules.
  • provides interactive drill downs for you to filter on specific attributes, such as IP address, username, and source location.
  • gives you contextual links into Log Viewer, so you can review the log records associated with dashboard data and activities.

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