Network Usage Dashboard: Summary

Strata Cloud Manager

Network Usage Dashboard: Summary

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Network Usage Dashboard: Summary

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
    This dashboard is supported for AIOps for NGFW and Prisma Access
  • Minimum requirement:
    • AIOps for NGFW Free
      AIOps for NGFW Premium
    • Cortex Data Lake
    • A role that has permission to view the dashboard
  • License to view data from supported product in the dashboard:
    Prisma Access
  • Dashboards
    More Dashboards
    Network Usage
    to view the dashboard.
Network insights include the total data transfer, uploads, downloads, sessions, and the number of users initiating sessions on your network. Review the traffic logs and see if you need to refine traffic attributes in the security rules.

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