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Manage: Overview

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Manage: Overview

Where Can I Use This?
What Do I Need?
  • Strata Cloud Manager
  • AIOps for NGFW Premium
  • Prisma Access
Think of the Overview page as your launching point in to NGFW and Prisma Access both for first time setup, and for day-to-day configuration management (
NGFW and Prisma Access


If you select the
configuration scope, you can view the following details:
  • Global folders you create and their variables
  • General information
  • Configuration snippets
  • License

Prisma Access

If you’re just getting started with Prisma Access:
For details on your Prisma Access environment:
For day-to-day configuration management:
After completing basic setup, you can start testing your environment and building out your deployment.


Prisma Access configuration
guide you to get up and running with Prisma Access. Complete the tasks here to get started with a basic setup, that you then can use to test your environment and build out your deployment.
Each task links you to the page where you can set up the associated configuration; when you’re done, tasks on this list show as complete. So, you can easily track you’re progress at a glance, which is especially helpful if you’re in the onboarding phase.


Some to-do’s also include walkthroughs that take you through the basic, required steps to get your environment up and running.
Onboarding walkthroughs are available to you on the
dashboard. You can click into to the help to see if there are walkthroughs available for the page you’re on, and keep an eye out for walkthroughs you can launch directly on the page:
Available Walkthroughs
  • Onboard Remote Networks
  • Onboard Your HQ or Data Center (Service Connections)
  • Onboard Mobile Users (GlobalProtect)
  • Onboard Mobile Users (Explicit Proxy)
  • Turn on decryption
  • Policy Optimizer
  • Create a Security Rule
  • Create a Security Profile
  • Set Up SAML Authentication

Prisma Access Sync Status

On the
page, you can quickly check status for your Prisma Access configurations. If you see something unexpected, drill down to identify the impacted configuration. Here are statuses you might see:
  • Configuration has not been pushed
    —So far, no configuration has been pushed to Prisma Access.
  • This configuration is empty
    —A user pushed a blank configuration to Prisma Access. In this case, a configuration was previously in place, so the push to Prisma Access might have been to remove the configuration. Go to
    Push Config
    to review recent changes.
  • Out of sync
    —A user has pushed a configuration to Prisma Access but there is an error or warning related to the push. This might be a configuration issue or it might be an issue related to the push to Prisma Access.
  • In sync
    —The latest configuration push to Prisma Access was successful, and there are no errors.
If you see something unexpected, click on the status to open a map view that shows the locations where you have either mobile users (GlobalProtect or explicit proxy connections), remote networks, or service connections. You can then pinpoint the configuration that requires review or where you might need to make an update.

Strata Cloud Manager

If you’re just getting started with Cloud Management of NGFW:
For day-to-day configuration management:
  • Get at-a-glance summary of the current folder name, number of firewalls added to the folder, and the number of variables created for the folder
  • Standardize a common base configuration for a set of managed firewalls using configuration snippets
  • Configure managed firewalls in a high availability (HA) configuration to provide redundancy and ensure business continuity
  • Review the
    Connectivity Status
    of managed firewalls to
    Strata Cloud Manager
  • Review the configuration
    Sync Status
    Strata Cloud Manager
    and the current running configuration on your managed firewalls
For details on your managed firewalls:

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