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Cloud Identity Engine

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Cloud Identity Engine

Learn to configure Cloud Identity Engine authentication profiles.
The Cloud Identity Engine (CIE) provides both user identification and user authentication for mobile users in a Prisma Access—Explicit Proxy deployment. The Cloud Identity Engine integrates with the Explicit Proxy Authentication Cache Service (ACS) and uses SAML identity providers (IdPs) to provide authentication for Explicit Proxy mobile users.
Configure an authentication profile to authenticate users with the Cloud Identity Engine.
The SAML/CIE authentication method is displayed only if the Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) is enabled. If the CIE authentication or CAS is not supported on your Prisma Access tenant, then it shows only the SAML authentication method.
Before you begin:
  1. Go to
    Identity Services
    , set the configuration scope to
    Explicit Proxy
    Add Profile
    Authentication Profiles
  2. Select the
    Authentication Method
    Cloud Identity Engine
  3. Enter a unique
    Profile Name
  4. Select the Cloud Identity Engine authentication
    you configured in the Cloud Identity Engine.
  5. Save
    your changes.

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