View Prisma Access Jobs

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View Prisma Access Jobs

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View Prisma Access Jobs

View the job history on Prisma Access.
You can view the
history on Prisma Access to display details about operations that admins initiated, as well as automatic content and license updates. This includes any configuration commits, pushes and reverts. You can use the Jobs view to troubleshoot failed operations, investigate warnings associated with completed commits, or cancel pending commits.
  1. On the top menu bar, select
    Push Config
    and view the Prisma Access
  2. Perform any of the following tasks:
    • Investigate warnings or failures
      —Read the entries in the Summary column for warning or failure details.
    • View a commit description
      —If an administrator entered a commit description, you can refer to the Description column to understand the purpose of the commit.
    • Check the position of an operation in the queue
      —View the operation position and status to determine the position of the operation.

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