Cloud NGFW Panorama Prerequisites.
To integrate the Cloud NGFW service with your Panorama virtual appliance:
  • Ensure you have a registered Panorama installed with licenses, activated using the support license on the Customer Support Portal (CSP), and using the software version 10.2.3 (or higher).
    You must install the device certificate on the Panorama management server to successfully authenticate Panorama with the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) and leverage one or more cloud service.
  • If you choose to use Palo Alto Log Management, ensure you configure Panorama for Cortex Data Lake.
  • Ensure you have subscribed to Cloud NGFW successfully to have a Cloud NGFW tenant. You must use the Cloud NGFW subscription to successfully integrate with Panorama.
  • Ensure you have a tenant administrator role in your Cloud NGFW tenant.
  • Ensure you have a Panorama Administrator role on your Panorama.
  • Ensure you are a member of the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) account where your Organization has registered the Panorama appliance.
    The email used to register with the CSP account should be used for the Cloud NGFW tenant subscription. If this email differs, you will not be able to configure Cloud NGFW and integrate with Panorama.
  • Allow access to the domain This domain is used to access the AIOps for the Cloud NGFW application, regardless of your geographic location.

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