Features Introduced in the Log Forwarding App

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Learn about the new features introduced in the Log Forwarding app.
Email Alerts for Syslog Connectivity Issues
Introduced in April 2019
Get email updates when the Log Forwarding app is not able to connect to a configured Syslog server. These status notifications describe the error impacting communication between the Log Forwarding app and the Syslog server, so that you can take appropriate steps to restore Syslog connectivity.
Forwarding Cortex XDR™ — Analytics Logs
Introduced in March 2019
You can now forward Cortex XDR — Analytics (Magnifier) alert logs to either a Syslog destination, or to the destination of your choice using email.
Email Forwarding Traps™ Management Service Logs
Introduced in February 2019
You can now forward Traps logs to the destination of your choice using email.
Support for email forwarding
Introduced in January 2019
In addition to Syslog forwarding, you can configure email forwarding for immediate notification on events such as critical or high severity logs, to alert your incident response and monitoring teams.
Granular log filtering
Introduced in January 2019
The log forwarding app provides granular filters that enable you to selectively forward logs to a Syslog server or an email address. With this capability, you can continue to store most of your logs on the Logging Service, and control what you want to forward to an external destination.
Multiple Syslog destinations
Introduced in January 2019
You can now forward logs to multiple Syslog destinations.
Support for Syslog forwarding
Introduced in July 2018
The first release of the log forwarding app enables you to forward Traps and the next-generation firewall logs stored on the Logging Service to a Syslog destination.
For information on how to configure log forwarding, refer to the Log Forwarding App Getting Started Guide. For information on Logging Service, refer to the Logging Service Getting Started Guide.

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