About Roles

You need the proper CSP role in order to access a Palo Alto Networks Cloud Services app.
Within the Customer Support Portal (CSP), roles are used to identify the privileges you have and the software you can manage. Every Cloud Services app and service has a role associated with it, and that role name is descriptive of the app's or service's name. Normally, you cannot use an app or service unless your account has been assigned the appropriate role.
Your organization's Account Super User is able to assign role-access to apps and services that your organization has purchased. (If you are the first person to purchase an app for your organization, then you will automatically be the Account Super User.) This means that unless you are the Account Super User, someone in your organization must assign you the role(s) required to access the app and/or service that you want to use and manage.
The following app roles are available for use:
Directory Sync Service
The Directory Sync Service collects user, computer, and group attributes from your on-premise Active Directory and stores them in the secure cloud-based Directory Sync Service instance. Your Palo Alto Networks cloud-based applications and services can reference this cloud repository to consistently enforce policy.
Logging Service
The Logging Service enables the storage and query of logging data. Logging data can be either network logs as written by firewalls, or logs written by apps.
Assign this role if the administrator must activate or configure the Logging service, manage logging quotas or configure log forwarding using the Log Forwarding app.
Magnifier is an app that performs behavioral analytics on network logging data. It identifies what is normal behavior on your network, so that it can alert you when abnormal activity is occurring.
The Traps management service prevents malicious attacks against your endpoints with advanced malware and exploit prevention techniques.
For information on managing Palo Alto Networks Account Roles, see How to Manage Users in Your Account. The Support Portal User Role Matrix identifies all the CSP roles that your Account Super User can assign to you. For information on all supporting services and roles required by your Cloud Services app, see that app's product documentation.

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