Generate the Auto-Registration PIN for the CN-Series

For automated deployments, you must generate the auto-registration PIN password on the Customer Support Portal and these values are unique to your Palo Alto Networks support account. The firewalls require this PIN ID and value to get the device certificate, which authorize access to any site license entitlements and secure access the Palo Alto cloud-delivered services.
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal with your account credentials.
  2. Select
    Device Certificates
    Generate Registration PIN
  3. Enter a
    and select a
    PIN Expiration
    from the drop-down.
  4. Save the PIN ID and value.
    Save the PIN ID and value. This PIN ID and value are inputs in the
    file used to Deploy the CN-Series Firewalls. Make sure to launch the firewall before the PIN expires.

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