: CN-Series HSF
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CN-Series HSF

Introduction to Palo Alto Networks
CN-Series Hyperscale Security Fabric
(HSF) 1.0.
Palo Alto Networks
CN-Series Hyperscale Security Fabric
(HSF) 1.0 is a cluster of containerized next-gen firewalls that deliver a highly scalable and resilient next-gen firewall solution for Mobile Service Providers deploying 5G networks.
The CN-Series HSF solution offers:
  • Hyper scalable with containerized NGFW
    : Horizontally scales out AppID and GTP performance on-demand.
  • Highly available and resilient
    : Delivers Elastic Clustering which dynamically acts based on throughput and session expected and guarantees business continuity and session resiliency across workloads.
  • Eliminates external load balancer dependency
    : Provides ease of deployment and DevOps friendly environment that can be fully orchestrated through Panorama plugins.
The CN-Series HSF solution is deployable in RedHat Openshift (On-premise) or AWS EKS public cloud managed Kubernetes environment.
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