: Validating the CN-Series HSF Deployment

Validating the CN-Series HSF Deployment

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Validating the CN-Series HSF Deployment

You can validate the CN-Series HSF deployments in the
section under
. Click the link under
Deployment Status
to view the details of the deployment.
The deployed pods and their current status is color coded and displayed in the
Deployment Status
section. You can click on the link under the
against the failed pod deployment to see more details.
Use the following commands in the Panorama CLI to generate logs.
debug plugins kubernetes generate-pod-log deployment_name pod_name <value> Name of the pod
show plugins kubernetes deployment-status
show plugins kubernetes deployment-details name

Debugging Sync Issues between the Kubernetes Plugin and CN-Series HSF

The Kubernetes plugin collects information about the CN-Series HSF from Pods, Services, and Nodes using Watch APIs. The Watch API is a notification based API which sends updates when the state of a cluster changes. To ensure that the plugin and the deployed CN-Series HSF are in sync, the plugin listens to notifications and displays HPA and upgrade/downgrade event notifications.
The plugin uses the following debug commands to debug a specific node based on the plugin status.
debug plugin kubernetes kubectl-logs pod <pod-name>
This debug command generates a log file that contains the
describe logs for the node passed in the command, and is saved in the plugin logs file.

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