Create a CN-Series Deployment Profile

Use the CSP to create a Software NGFW deployment profile for CN-Series.
Use the following procedure to create a CN-Series Deployment Profile.
  1. If you already have credit pool, log into the account, and from the dashboard, select
    Software NGFW Credits
    Prisma NGFW Credits
    Create New Profile
    If you have just activated a credit pool you see the
    Create Deployment Profile
    1. Select the
      firewall type.
    2. Select the
      PAN-OS 10.2 and above
    3. Click
  2. CN-Series profile.
    1. Profile Name
      Name the profile.
    2. Total vCPUs
      Enter the total number of vCPUs across all CN-NGFW.
    3. Select a Security Use Case from the drop-down. Each Security Use Case in the drop-down automatically selects a number of descriptions that are recommended for the chosen use case. If you select Custom, you can specify the subscriptions that you would like to use in your deployment.
    4. (
      Use Credits to Enable VM Panorama
      For Management
      Dedicated Log Collector
  3. (
    ) Hover over the question mark following
    Protect more, save more
    to see how your credit allocation affects savings.
  4. Click
    Calculate Estimated Cost
    to view the credit total, and the number of credits available before the deployment.
    ) Hover over the question mark following the estimate to view the credit breakdown for each component.
  5. (
    ) Provision Panorama. If you used credits to Enable a VM Panorama, complete the following steps to provision Panorama and generate a serial number. Once you have applied the serial number to Panorama, Panorama will contact the licensing update server and retrieve the license.
    1. Select
      Software NGFW Credits
      Prisma NGFW Credits
      and locate your deployment profile.
    2. On the far right, select the vertical ellipsis and select
      Provision Panorama
    3. Click Provision Panorama to generate a serial number.
    4. Record or copy the serial number to apply to your Panorama instance.

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