Deploy CN-Series Firewalls with a Template

Deploy CN-Series firewalls with a Terraform or Helm template.
The Palo Alto Networks
repository stores community-supported resources. All projects or work posted in the
repository are provided under an as-is, best-effort support policy, where Palo Alto Networks contributes our expertise as and when possible.
The Terraform or Helm resources are optional ways to automate the deployment processes detailed in Deploy the CN-Series Firewall as a Kubernetes Service and Deploy the CN-Series Firewall as a DaemonSet. The repository includes the following CN-Series resources.
  • This repository provides a set of Terraform plans for deploying a Kubernetes cluster secured with a CN-Series containerized firewall.
  • This repository contains charts and templates for deploying a Palo Alto Networks CN-Series containerized firewall using the Helm Package Manager for Kubernetes.
Palo Alto Networks only supports resources available from our official Customer Support Portal. Supported resources include Palo Alto Networks software, updates, base images, plugins, and product documentation. This is also true for ASC (Authorized Support Centers), partners, or backline support options.
Palo Alto Networks Customer Support, and authorized support providers do not provide support for configuring, deploying, or troubleshooting community-supported projects, templates, or scripts.
Palo Alto Networks does support product functionality for Panorama, VM-Series firewall, and CN-Series instances after they are deployed with community-supported scripts or templates.

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