Deploy a GKE Cluster

Use Terraform to deploy a GKE cluster.
The Terraform repository
folder contains a Terraform plan that deploys a Kubernetes cluster in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This cluster meets the minimum requirements to support a CN-Series Next-Generation firewall and will deploy regionally to span multiple availability zones for maximum redundancy and scalability.
Follow these steps to define and configure the GCP project.
  1. Define and configure the GCP project.
    1. Log into Google Cloud Platform using its CLI interface.
      $ gcloud auth login
    2. Create a new project in Google Cloud Platform and set it as your default project.
      $ gcloud projects create <your-project-ID>
      Create in progress for v1/projects/cnseries-deployment]. Waiting for [operations/cp.8399975532101480302] to finish...done. Enabling service [] on project [cnseries-deployment]... Operation "operations/acf.7db11421-7961-43d0-94c3-9063cadc40c9" finished successfully.
      $ gcloud config set project <your-project-ID>
      Updated property [core/project].
    3. Map the newly defined project to your billing account.
      $ gcloud beta billing accounts list
      ACCOUNT_ID NAME OPEN MASTER_ACCOUNT_ID 012356-A12345-B12345 My Billing Account True
      Enter this command on a single line:
      $ gcloud beta billing projects link cnseries-deployment
      billingAccountName: billingAccounts/012356-A12345-B12345 billingEnabled:     true name:               projects/cnseries-deployment/billingInfo projectId:          cnseries-deployment
  2. In your cloned repository, change to the
    cd gke
  3. Deploy the cluster using Terraform.
    1. Create a
      file and add the following variables and their associated values.
      project  =  "" # The GCP project IDregion =  "" # The GCP region
    2. Initialize the Terraform providers.
      $ terraform init
    3. Validate the Terraform plan.
      $ terraform plan
    4. Apply the Terraform plan.
      $ terraform apply
  4. Update the kubeconfig file with the new cluster's information.
    Enter the following command on one line:
    $ gcloud container clusters
      get-credentials $(terraform output cluster_name)
      --region $(terraform output cluster_location)
      --project $(terraform output cluster_project)
  5. Verify the cluster nodes have been built and the status is Ready.
    $ kubectl get nodes
    NAME STATUS ROLES AGE VERSION gke-cnseries-testing-cnseries-testing-1e1ebbe6-6d3s Ready <none> 7m21s v1.14.10-gke.36 gke-cnseries-testing-cnseries-testing-c89de143-0710 Ready <none> 7m53s v1.14.10-gke.36 gke-cnseries-testing-cnseries-testing-d320cbc7-rtm2 Ready <none> 7m51s v1.14.10-gke.36

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