Modify the Rancher Cluster Options YAML File


Modify the Rancher Cluster Options YAML File

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Modify the Rancher Cluster Options YAML File

Before deploying the CN-Series firewall, you must modify the cluster options YAML file as described below.
CN-Series firewall with Rancher supports Rancher 2.5 or later with k8s 1.20.5.
  1. Using the admin credentials that you created previously, log in to the Rancher portal.
  2. Click the
    Navigation Menu
    and select
    Cluster Management
  3. Locate the cluster to be modified, click the vertical ellipses menu, and then select
    Edit Config
  4. Click
    Edit as YAML
    For different versions of Rancher, see Rancher documentation.
  5. Add the following lines under the
    section in the existing YAML file.
    kube-controller: extra_args: cluster-signing-cert-file: "/etc/kubernetes/ssl/kube-ca.pem" cluster-signing-key-file: "/etc/kubernetes/ssl/kube-ca-key.pem"
    kubelet: extra_binds: - ’/mnt:/mnt:rshared’ - '/var/log/pan-appinfo:/var/log/pan-appinfo’
    If you are using a storage path other than
    , you should ensure that you modify the storage path under the
  6. Click
    and wait until cluster upgrading becomes active before deploying the CN-Series firewall.

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