PAN-OS Releases by Model that Support GTP and SCTP Security

PAN-OS® releases on the firewall models that support GTP Security and SCTP Security.
The following firewall models support GTP Security and SCTP Security.
Firewall Model
PAN-OS 9.1 (GTP and SCTP)
PAN-OS 10.0 (GTP and SCTP)
PAN-OS 10.1 (GTP and SCTP)
PAN-OS 10.1 (GTP and SCTP)
PA-5400 Series
PA-5200 Series
PA-7000 Series firewalls that use the following three cards:
  • PA-7000-100G-NPC card
  • PA-7000-LFC-A card
  • PA-7050-SMC-B card
    PA-7080-SMC-B card
(The firewall must use all three cards)*
CN-Series (DaemonSet)
√ PAN-10.0.3 & later
* To verify that your PA-7000 Series firewall is installed with the cards that support GTP and SCTP, use the CLI operational command
show chassis inventory
. However, cards can be installed but not functional if their dependencies aren’t met; refer to the PA-7000 Series Next-Gen Firewall Hardware Reference for installation instructions and the dependencies for each card.

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