Cortex Data Lake License and Activation

Determine whether to you need to activate your Cortex Data Lake (formerly called the Logging Service) license on the Cortex hub or in the Customer Support Portal.
Cortex Data Lake collects log data from next-generation firewalls, GlobalProtect cloud service, and Traps management service. When you purchase Cortex Data Lake, all firewalls registered to your support account receive a Cortex Data Lake license. You’ll also receive an auth code that you’ll need to activate the Cortex Data Lake instance you purchased. You can activate your Cortex Data Lake instance on the Cortex hub, or in the Customer Support Portal. Where you activate Cortex Data Lake might depend on the other products and services you’re using.
When your Cortex Data Lake subscription expires, you’ll have a 30-day grace period to renew your license before log data is deleted.
If you’re using these products or services:
Activate Cortex Data Lake here
  • Traps management service
  • Firewalls that are not managed by Panorama
The hub:
If you’re directly onboarding firewalls (without Panorama), part of this workflow includes generating the key that the firewalls need to security connect to Cortex Data Lake.
If you have Traps management service, when you first activated the service you automatically received 100GB of Cortex Data Lake log storage. If you’ve since decided to purchase a Cortex Data Lake with larger storage capacity, you can merge the logs from the 100GB tenant to the new Cortex Data Lake instance as part of the activation workflow.
  • Panorama
  • GlobalProtect cloud service
Customer Support Portal:
Activating Cortex Data Lake on the Customer Support Portal allows you to associate your auth code with Panorama, and to get the Cloud Services plugin that is required for Panorama and GlobalProtect cloud service.

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