Cortex Data Lake Apps

Cortex Data Lake includes the following apps which you can use to manage and view your logs. After you’ve activated Cortex Data Lake, these apps are visible to you on the hub.
  • Cortex Data Lake: After activating Cortex Data Lake, the Cortex Data Lake app is listed on the hub as one of your apps. If you have multiple instances of Cortex Data Lake, you can choose which instance of the app you want to open. Use the Cortex Data Lake app to configure log storage quota and to check the status of a Cortex Data Lake instance.
  • Explore: Use Explore to search, filter, and export log data. This app offers you critical visibility into your enterprise's network activities by allowing you to easily examine network log data.
  • Log Forwarding app: Use this app to archive the logs you send to the Cortex Data Lake for long-term storage, SOC, or internal audit directly from the Cortex Data Lake. You can forward your Cortex Data Lake logs to an external destination such as a Syslog server or an email server. (Or, you continue to forward logs directly from the firewalls to your Syslog receiver).

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