: Cortex Data Lake Monitoring

Cortex Data Lake Monitoring

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Cortex Data Lake

Learn how
Cortex Data Lake
helps you monitor device connectivity.
As a cloud-based logging service,
Cortex Data Lake
requires a robust connection so that log records do not get lost and every network event is accounted for.
With the monitoring capabilities of the
Cortex Data Lake
app, you can observe whether your devices are still sending logs to
Cortex Data Lake
as well as view finer details about log transmission, such as storage, latency, ingestion, and log forwarding status. Closely monitoring this information can help you react faster to system outages and even anticipate their occurrence.
Every 5 minutes, the
Cortex Data Lake
app collects a variety of metrics to give you a complete picture of your logging infrastructure. The metrics that the app collects include
  • Incoming log rate per instance, firewall, and log type
  • Incoming log bytes per instance, firewall, and log type
  • Storage used per instance, firewall, and log type
  • Forwarded logs per instance and destination
  • Log latency between the firewall and
    Cortex Data Lake
  • Log latency between the firewall and log forwarding destinations
The app collects the following event data in real-time:
  • Firewall connected or disconnected
  • Service available or unavailable

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