Assign the Account Administrator Role

The first person in your organization to register with Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal is the Account Administrator. If you are the Account Administrator, then you can give another user the Account Administrator role.
If your organization uses the Customer Support Portal to create a new Super User account, that account does not have the Account Administrator role in the Cortex hub until the procedure described here has been completed.
The Account Administrator role gives the user full access to all instances of all apps activated for your organization. Users with this role can grant other users both the Account Administrator and App Administrator roles. Users with this role can also activate and deactivate individual app instances.
  1. Log in to the Cortex hub and select gearManage Roles.
  2. Use the sidebar to filter users as needed and/or search for users using the search field. Select one or more users and then click Manage Roles.
  3. Select Account, and then Account Administrator.
  4. Click Save, then Yes to confirm the assignment, and you're done.

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