Cortex XDR applies machine learning at cloud scale to rich network, endpoint, and cloud data, so you can quickly find and stop targeted attacks, insider abuse, and compromised endpoints. Cortex XDR apps consume and correlate data from the Cortex Data Lake to reveal threat casualities and timelines—they're your mission control for complete visibility into network traffic and user behavior.

Latest Releases

16 April 2019 Cortex hub now provides role management for apps—use the hub to manage who has access to your Cortex apps and what level of access they have.
08 April 2019 To take immediate investigation and remediation action on an endpoint, you can now use the Remote Terminal in Cortex XDR – Investigation and Response.
28 March 2019 You can now use the Log Forwarding app to forward Cortex XDR – Analytics (Magnifier) alert logs to either a Syslog receiver, or to the destination of your choice using email.

Cortex XDR™ – Analytics

Cortex XDR™ – Analytics Administrator's Guide

Discover malicious activity and stop attackers and malware operating inside your network with Cortex XDR – Analytics.

Cortex XDR™ – Analytics Release Notes

Cortex XDR™ – Investigation and Response

Cortex XDR™ – Investigation and Response Administrator’s Guide

Cortex XDR™ – Investigation and Response Release Notes