End-of-Life (EoL)

Install Cortex XDR App for Android

Use this workflow to install Cortex XDR 7.0 for Android.
To install the Cortex XDR app, you must Create an Installation Package from Cortex XDR and obtain the download link. This link contains the distribution ID required to associate the app with your Cortex XDR tenant. You can send this link to your end users to have them install the Cortex XDR app.
  1. Obtain the link for your Android distribution package and send the link to your end users.
  2. Instruct the end user to perform the following steps:
    1. From the Android endpoint, open the custom download link for the Cortex XDR app.
      This opens the Cortex XDR app in the Google Play. Do not attempt to open the link in a browser.
    2. Install
      the app and follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation.
    3. Open
      the app when installation completes.
    4. (
      Android 5.1 and later releases
      ) Grant access to Cortex XDR to monitor apps.
      If additional permissions are required for your Android version, the Cortex XDR app prompts you to
      Permit usage access
      This setting may have a different name depending on your Android version.
    5. (
      Android 10 and later releases
      ) Grant access to Cortex XDR to pop-up messages.
      For the Cortex XDR app to pop-up messages to block running malware on your Android, you must grant the Cortex XDR app
      System window permission
    6. Exit the Cortex XDR app usage settings and then return to the Cortex XDR app.
    7. Activate the Cortex XDR app for Android.
      Enter the
      First name
      Last name
      of the end user, and the user’s
      Company email address
      and then click
      Cortex XDR uses this information to identify the endpoint.
      If activation fails, the Cortex XDR app displays a notification with a link to manually supply the custom package URL or distribution ID. For example, if your custom package URL is
      , you can specify the entire URL, or, you can specify only the distribution ID which is the string following
      in the URL (for example, 123456abcdef). To retry activation, click
      and supply the required information.
    8. (
      ) Configure additional app settings.
      From the
      page, select the Cortex XDR menu at the top left and then select
      . From this area, you can configure settings such as your preferred
      and preferences for
      that Cortex XDR displays.

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