Configure Cortex XDR Agent for Mac

Run the wizard to guide you through the settings to enable the agent to run on the macOS endpoint.
As part of the agent installation on a macOS endpoint, as a non-MDM user, you can run the installation check option from the agent installer. The installation check launches a wizard, which guides you through the settings required to enable the agent to run on the endpoint.
  1. In the installer, from the
    Installation Check
    option, click
    to launch the Cortex XDR Configuration Wizard.
  2. Navigate through the pages of the wizard:
    • Welcome page
    • System Extensions & Network Filters
      —Select Cortex XDR system extensions and enable the Cortex XDR Web Content Filter notification to monitor network events.
    • Full Disk Access page
      —Drop the applications into the
      Full Disk Access
      list offered in the wizard.
    • Notifications
      —Enable notifications for Cortex XDR agent.
  3. In the Summary page, if all permissions were added successfully, click
    . If permissions were not added correctly, click
    Go Back
    to adjust the settings.

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